Short-term deployment
of effective management power.
For ventures on the move,
in transformation, in scaling.

Interim Management

OSTROP Interim Management brings to you short-term use of effective management power. With a focus on sales and marketing management, service and IT.

Use the external view of OSTROP Interim Management to discover and leverage the potential in challenging situations.

OSTROP Interim Management is able to do exactly this: quick familiarizing with new situations, take up core issues and tackle challenges in a resolute and holistic manner – pragmatically and geared towards achieving the agreed goals.

With OSTROP Interim Management you have a reliable and loyal partner with extensive experience at your side.

You will benefit from OSTROP Interim Management in management or project situations.


In a nutshell

OSTROP Interim Management is backed by an experienced manager with over 30 years of experience in management and IT consulting.

Focus is on working with people involved and on the ability to put strategic orientation and operational implementation in a balanced relationship.

The combination of sales, marketing, service and IT offers interesting opportunities to deal with changes or crises. With an interim management assignment. Or simply to bridge bottlenecks or bring know-how in-house.

For companies needing short-term management power to address movement, transformation, scaling. Or who want to integrate sales, marketing, service and IT. Or who market products that require explanation. And who offer or want to offer consulting services.


Case Studies:

Software Manufacturer

  • From products and software licenses to "as a service" products and subscriptions.
  • From license sales to integrated services and consulting services.
  • Development towards Customer Success Management and Inbound Marketing.

Plant and mechanical engineering

  • Transformation into a sustainable Sales Profit Chain.
  • Digitization of sales and marketing processes integrated with service and IT.
  • Change through new service products for aftersales and premium support.
  • Change through 3D visualizations and virtual customers.

Service Provider

  • Changes caused by buyer personas.
  • Focusing of the customer experience across all touchpoints.
  • Optimization of moments of truth.
  • Defining key figures to measure the success of the changes.
  • Attraction through employer branding.

Energy provider

  • Accompanying the merger process of areas.
  • Development of a special service portfolio.

Telecom Company

  • Assistance with app conception and creation.
  • Assistance with company takeovers.

Case Studies:


  • ABC analysis of customers and projects/products.
  • Potential analysis and development.
  • Optimization focus: profitability vs. growth.
  • Use of scalable IT infrastructures.

Microsoft Gold Partner

  • Restructuring.
  • Cost optimization.
  • Consolidation.

Case Studies:

Cross-industry in digital economies

  • by stepping in as manager/sales/marketing/service manager at short notice.
  • in the case of dismissals.
  • in the case of terminations.
  • upon retirement.
  • when creating new jobs.

Case Studies:

Cross-industry in digital economies

  • Management consulting.
  • Development of a sustainable sales profit chain.
  • Integration of sales and marketing.
  • Lead generation through inbound.

Case Studies:

Cross-industry in digital economies

  • High performance coaching.
  • Preparation for succession arrangements.
  • Training of successors.
  • Applying this approach to other situations.



Your challenge

You are facing a professional challenge that you want to think through and discuss confidentially with a professional sparring partner.

What do you get from OSTROP Interim Management?

  • Active listening at eye level.
  • High performance coaching.
  • Together we explore options for how you can successfully tackle the situation.
Enabling development

Your challenge

You wish to implement movement, transformation or scaling in your company and are wondering how best to go about it.

What do you get from OSTROP Interim Management?

  • We work closely together.
  • Management tasks taken over by OSTROP Interim Management.
  • You will be seeing the transformation or scaling in your company.
Creating perspectives

Your challenge

You are wondering how you, as a manager, will approach the next steps. How you can advance your team, your workforce, your company.

What do you get from OSTROP Interim Management?

  • We analyze the situation and with a view from outside.
  • We investigate strategic options together.
  • You will take action and create perspectives.


Peter Ostrop

Discovering and seizing opportunities - achieving success together.

OSTROP Interim Management is backed by an experienced manager with clear ideas and conceptions of what makes an interim management assignment successful.
This includes inspiring people and activating opportunities in your company with them. This increases the fascination of everyone involved and enables us to achieve goals together.

I help ventures on the move, in transformation or in scaling
to overcome management bottlenecks. Focussing on
sales and marketing management, service and IT.

Having graduated international studies and started a career as a Dipl.-Ing. at IBM and Siemens, Peter Ostrop built up a company for microelectronics. Then spin-off of the extremely fast-growing IS Internet Services, which became part of Thyssen Telecom. The hypergrowth was achieved by a franchise model and international cooperations (USA, Canada). Then founding and building up a 550-employee management consultancy with a focus on management and IT, SAP and cloud consulting (Resco GmbH), which first became part of the listed Acando AB and then of CGI. International work with people from Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, UK, Switzerland, Latvia and India. Then foundation of the management consultancy OSTROP.

A Matter of Style

Values and Attitude

Joint Journey


Passing on experiences in a meaningful way and thereby making values grow in a comprehensible way. That creates orientation.


Supporting people to overcome management bottlenecks. Focussing on sales and marketing management, service and IT. That creates performance.


Heading for the goal may seem twisted. With an eye for the big picture and working in stages, changes also present themselves as welcome opportunities for development and transformation. This creates impact.


Doing something extraordinary together. Working together is the key for growing, promoting and challenging potential, reflecting and optimizing. This creates action and values.


Methods that you use in your company generally come first. Over time and mandates, OSTROP Interim Management has developed a systematic that presents itself as a modular methods box to leverage from.

In our cooperation, we arrange reviews, checkpoints and regular meetings to make the effectiveness of the interventions visible and to optimize them.
The aim of this methodology is to accompany those involved through cognitive processes into wanting and then into action.


What does an interim management assignment look like?


Lead and develop the sales force of a software provider to a process consulting sales with a focus on medium-sized clients.


  • Transition from software licenses to software subscriptions (standard third-party software products as resellers, in-house products such as SAP interfaces to other providers and cloud-based solutions).
  • Transition from pure license sales to integrated services and consulting services.
  • Creation of an account management organization; use of a CRM system (such as Salesforce, Hubspot, MS CRM, SAP C4C, or similar); Digitization of the renewal process, solution management, development of a customer success structure for inbound marketing; introduction of Hubspot and integration with the CRM system.
  • Personas, customer experience, continuous digitization including web shop/self-service, new positioning = new claim (from technical orientation to value orientation). Promotion of services primarily via LinkedIN, XING, blogs, webcasts, customer events, .. ). Tracking these MQLs through Customer Success and then through Sales (SQL).
  • Integration of innovative, new service products for after sales and premium support.
  • Development of a hybrid innovation center with 3D visualization, virtual customer and on-site presentations.
  • Unified reporting with centrally defined key figures across the various areas and systems. Use of a BI software.
  • Increased staff in sales, customer success and marketing to manage the created growth wave.


Sales was successfully reorganized and brought into regular operation. MQL and SQL are lived and documented in the CRM. The remuneration models have been adjusted. That led to

  • measurably increased customer and employee satisfaction,
  • a comprehensible and reliable forecast of the sales pipeline,
  • integration of the marketing and sales process,
  • lead generation through inbound marketing,
  • standardization and improvement of the customer and brand experience,
  • expansion of the offer portfolio for solutions for central data modeling and storage,
  • end-to-end digitized business processes and integrated interfaces to customers and partners.

The most notable element of Peter’s professional standing, however, is in my opinion his open and correct approach towards managing people. Many times he was able with his open and direct approach to address critical human resource problems and solve them, with the positive result of being able to get the best out of each member of his team.
Head of Security Office
Peter Ostrop relates very strongly to the responsibility he has assumed and is always very committed to driving forward the company's development, with a lot of initiative and a very high level of commitment.
The quality of Peter’s work is excellent. He plans carefully his activities making sure his objectives are aligned with the expectations placed on him by the rest of the team. He has fully accomplished his objectives.
Division Manager


Peter Ostrop
Managing Director
Jahnring 10
22297 Hamburg